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Brazilian Rap

2010-05-14 15:21:59 by PedroPSBro

Hey, I am just so proud of the 'underground' raps that I've hearing last years, that I am posting this video here. Emicida is a fucking good rapper, If you guys could understand the sick lyrics that he wrote, you would know what I'm saying.

Here it is:

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Bomb Zero Rap Released!

2010-01-30 18:17:50 by PedroPSBro

Hey homies. I just made my first collab.
I made the beat, then some rustic lyrics, that was totally improved by AccountableMasses. Also he is the singer.

So, for all zero bomber haters, HEREis the song.

Tell us what do you think!


2009-12-17 11:52:47 by PedroPSBro

Yo! Hyia folks.
Just giving some welcoming to you, that is visiting my profile. Nothing really special to tell at the moment. The area to descript yourself is too small, so I will fill this one a bit.

First, about my music. I just try to compose what the song asks me to do. I think I improved myself a lot, kno. I like to do it, to listen music, feel what it means. That f cool. Rap is nice too, a nice way to express myself, maybe a dedication to somebody, or just to understand what is going on with me. Reflexions about everything, kno. This is the cool of the stuff, there are many possibilities. If you have some lyrics you can give me that, coz I can try to sing in english too, will be fun,lol.

Then there are the midia stuff. I've stared programming, I've made some crapy games, but it f with me. I am not ready for it yet. I also learnt some video editing stuff, for making clips, if someday I need to. And obvosiolsly the art, oh yea. This I will never left behind. I gave a time of it, but man, it is so nice. Forgot about everthing and just think about the pen and the paper. I tried some digital art too. Cool at all, but with mouse isnt the same.

Well, I think it is enought for the first post, I still can write 31409 characters, but nah... And, if you need some help with any of these stuff, I like to help, if I can,lol O.o